Dakkota Roped’n’Groped By Two Intruders

Video language: English

Dakkota is in her office one evening when 2 men come out of nowhere. They roughly grab her and as one manhandles and handgags her, the other starts roping her. Dakkota is on the city council and is always involved in some kind of corruption, so this happens more than you might think. Although when pushed to her knees and told to open her mouth, she does so rather willingly, which makes me think that there is a possibility that she is enjoying this and maybe even planned this herself…makes you wonder. At any rate a huge handkerchief is stuffed in her mouth and then sealed in tightly with clear tape. A length of rope is then tied into her hair. More rope is added, before she is picked up and placed on her desk. Her crotchrope is run through her wrists and then to her ankles into a very tight hogtie.

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