Dakkota Doms Raven

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Raven is out of sorts lately. She’s been missing her sessions with her dominant mistress Dakkota because Raven worries that her husband will find out about their secret meetings. Dakkota, however, is having none of it, so when Raven skips another session, Dakkota shows up unannounced at the woman’s house! Determined to teach Raven a lesson, she begins to bind the poor girl despite her protestations that her husband may be home at any minute. her fear of being caught is no match for her submissive nature, however, and Raven moans in nervous apprehension and desire as each band of rope encircles her body. Once Dakkota straps in a ball gag, the protests are rendered meaningless! Raven struggles in her ropes while her mistress decides how to handle her and punish her for all thee missed sessions. Shea gropes the girl, putting her into a tight hogtie, and then administering some heavy spankings and prolonged tickle torture. She is so engrossed in punishing Raven that she does not notice when Raven’s husband returns home and catches them in the act! He quickly surprises and binds the careless dominatrix, stuffing a pump gag into her mouth and inflating it until the poor girl begins to cough and choke on it! He adds a few layers of vet wrap to Raven’s gag, and before long the pair is helplessly bound in ball ties. They roll about as best they can, but there is no escape for them. Looks like they will Both be taught a few lessons before the night is over!!.

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Duration: 25:34
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