Crystal Frost: Let’s Make a Deal

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Crystal has bought another new dress and Ivan is tired of her spending all of their money. They’ve talked about this several times and she just can’t seem to get it through her head so Ivan has an idea that may help her remember in the future. He pulls her down on top of him in a playful manner, pulls her arms behind her back and explains to her that a few hours on the tied up on the couch might aid her in the future when she gets the shopping impulse. She tells him that it’s not fair, claiming that the car can wait. He secures her wrists behind her back and pulls her up to a kneeling position. He loops another rope around her elbows lashing them tightly behind her back and locks them to her body. Ivan explains that if she would stop buying dresses that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen to her. She obviously isn’t getting it though because her next question is, “Can I buy shoes?” Ivan looks at her with a stern look and Crystal laughs claiming to have a shopping disorder. He uses the ends of the rope around her torso to go around her ankles and thighs pulling them up to a tight hogtie. Crystal continues to act like it’s not a big deal, even claiming that it’s making her want to buy some more dresses. Ivan is convinced that a few hours tied like this and she’ll change her tune. He pulls the straps of her dress down revealing her bare breasts. Ivan XXXX Crystal to open wide and layers vetwrap and a ball of cloth over her mouth, gagging her securely. He pinches her nipples and she squeals behind the gag. Ivan goes to get the camera to get a few pictures of her tied up and that’s when the fun goes out of it for her. She cries out behind the gag, struggling in the rope, even calling Ivan a “fucking asshole!” He comes back with the camera and starts snapping pictures but there’s nothing Crystal can do about it. They finally come to an arrangement that every time she buys a dress, he gets to tie her up and do whatever he wants to her. He goes to think about it, leaving her dress pulled up showing off her black thong and stocking tops. He decides to take her up to the bedroom to have a bit more fun with her and her lovely green dress..

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 12:04
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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