Crystal: Covert Meeting

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan calls Ms. Frost to a secret location for a covert meeting. He tells her that they have some things going on in the company and he needs her help to sort them out, but to do that, no one has to know that they ever met. He double and triple checks with her that no one knows that she came to meet him or even where she went. He calls her over closer to him to discuss the details. When Crystal slides next to him, he reaches out, grabs her arms, and pulls her over his lap in one smooth motion. She asks him what he’s doing and he claims that he needs to make sure she’s not a security risk for him. She swears that no one followed her, but Ivan continues to coil rope around her wrists behind her back. He asks her if she trusts him because trust is very necessary, putting her in a very awkward position. She tries to find out more information about what is going on, but Ivan won’t give her any details until he can be sure he can trust her. He swings her legs onto his lap and binds her legs together as well. Finally, Crystal has had enough and tells Ivan to let her go claiming she doesn’t need to know his little secret. After Ivan ignores her request to be let go, Crystal asks what he’s going to do with her and he says he just has a little test. He mentions that tying girls up is kind of his thing and she erupts in anger, demanding to be let go. She kicks and squirms on the couch as he grabs another rope. He binds her ankles together while telling her that he just needs to make sure she’s trustworthy and good for the company. Ivan claims that all of this is a personality test. He runs his hand up her skirt showing off the top of her thigh highs and once again Crystal gets angry, then he finds a ticklish spot and she giggles uncontrollably. She squeals loudly telling him to stop, and he decides she’s being a bit louder than he would like. He tears off some strips of tape and she begs him to let her go. He stuffs her mouth with a white cloth and places a strip of wide black tape over her mouth. He then tells her his real plan. Ivan explains that there’s a large market for sexy tied up woman and that they can go about this two different ways, either with her cooperation, or without. He continues to add strips of tape going over exactly how the money situation will work depending on what she chooses. Ivan unbuttons Ms. Frost’s blouse telling her that they specialize in sexy tied up secretaries and for her to get used to it. He leaves her alone on the couch to think about her options. She wiggles and jerks at the ropes, yelling into the gag loudly. When Ivan comes back with more rope, she whimpers behind the tape and cloth. He wraps the rope around her upper body and upper arms, pulling it around in front to squeeze her breasts. Ivan lays her down and one more rope is added securing her in a nice hogtie on the couch. She cries into the gag, resuming her begging to be let go. Ivan leaves her alone to struggle on the couch while he goes to grab the vehicle to haul her off for a bit of training. He lifts her up by her hogtie rope and carries her away like a little briefcase..

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:10
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 165.7 MB