Craig’s First Spanking

Craig is a very hot 23-year-old straight boy who has no problem doing adult videos. He learns today, however, that he does have a problem doing spanking videos. Spankings hurt!
This video begins with an interview with Craig during which he discusses a bit of his sex life and the adult videos he’s done, along with a discussion of his history of physical discipline (he has none) and past misbehavior. After the interview, Tom puts Craig over his knee for a hard punishment spanking.
It’s immediately clear that Craig is terribly embarrassed to be over a man’s knee. That embarrassment fades quickly, however, as the sting of the spanking starts getting to Craig. He apparently thought this would be a mild, playful spanking. We have no idea where he got that idea.
Tom spanks Craig by hand and with a leather strap. Like many boys, Craig has a hard time coming to terms with what his happening. He is over a man’s knee getting a lecture and a hard, bare-ass spanking for his past misbehavior. It’s hard to know what is hurt more, Craig’s pride or his ego!

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