Constance – Redhead big mouth all taped up

Release Year: 2022
Video language: English

Everyone on Twitter was talking about the big party at model Constance house, but I wasn’t invited. I decide to confront the sneaky redhead and she tries to say it was an oversight. She has to nerve to ask me to help her prepare for the party and I am infuriated. I zap the brat girl with my tazer and she drops to her knees woozy and dazed. You think you are throwing a party without inviting me … I don’t think so missy. I grab some thick red electrical tape and bind her elbows behind her back cruelly fusing her arms together with the thich tape. I wrap her knees up and then slowly peel down my silk panties. You like my pussy smell Constance? I jam the panties into her mouth and seal them in with a tape gag until Constance is silenced. I decide to raid her closet for a better outfit to wear for the big party and leave Constance struggling on the floor. When I return to the room wearing one of her sexy dresses, Constance isn’t there! I find hobbled Constance outside trying to run away. I grab her by the hair and drag her back inside. I finish mummifying her arms into a tape sleeve making sure to bind the tops of her hands. I pull out her tits then move to her legs and wrap them up tightly. You’ll be stuck in the closet while I throw the party of the year at your house Constance! I XXXX the taped up redhead to wiggle on her ass into the closet as I greet

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