Collection 10 Great Clips ZenTickling part 3.

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English

Ariel is trapped in the stocks with her soles exposed to twenty wiggling fingers and numerous tickle tools. Michelle giggles with glee as she tortures her best friend. Ariel, on the other hand, has had just about enough of being tickled. Michelle’s fingers tease her friend’s helpless feet as Ariel squeals and squirms. She absolutely despises the toothbrush and screams in ticklish agony as it vibrates between her toes. Her cries become desperate and I look to Michelle, who ensures me that Ariel is fine. We continue to mercilessly tickle Ariel until she eventually uses her safeword, at which point her eyes are watering and her voice is quavering.

Total size: 4.7 GB in 10 files.