Colby Knox – Tickle Me Tyler

Genres: Bonus ,Breeding ,Bareback
Video language: English

This scene starts with Tyler Sky, Colby Chambers, and Mickey Knox lying in bed playing video games. The casual conversation soon changes topics and Colby and Mickey are asking Tyler when he is going to pay the two months of back rent he owes the guys. Tyler doesn’t really have a good answer and the guys begin to insist that he find a way to start paying what he owes. Mickey offers a suggestion that Tyler could pay some of his back rent by letting the guys have some fun with him. Tyler insists that he’s not gay and he wasn’t sure about that but Colby and Mickey convince him that experimenting wouldn’t make him gay and would pay off some of the debt he owes. Reluctantly, Tyler agrees and the guys spring into action to get the bed ready for some play. They are serious about collecting their debt and break out with ropes to restrain Tyler on the bed. Once all four of his limbs are fully restrained, they begin to tickle him all over his bound body. Tyler shrieks and winces as he tries hopelessly to ward off their tickling hands. After getting him loosened up with the tickling, they flip him on his stomach and tear the back of his boxers exposing his smooth boy ass. Mickey is quick to mount on top of him and start teasing his hole with his hard cock. He lubes up his hard dick and shoves it deep inside of the bound boy’s ass. The restrained Tyler is moaning and grunting as Mickey drives his cock deep inside his tight hole. Colby is ready for some ass play and the two switch off so that he can slide his cock inside that freshly opened ass. Colby fucks his hole hard, with long strokes penetrating deep inside his ass. Colby finally shoots his load while fucking that tight ass. The guys then flip Tyler one last time on his back and begin to stroke his cock. They milk a huge load out of his thick cock and continue to push his limits as they rub the head of his dick. This gay porn video shows that Colby and Mickey know how to collect on their debts, one way or another.

Format: mp4
Duration: 39:33
Video: 846×480, AVC (H.264), 1550kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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