Clips4sale – Muffled Screams – The silk and satin psycho stalker binds

Claire has been stalking black swann for some time now. She breaks into her home with intentions of robbing the place. She enters the property to find swann fast resting in her satin gown and knickers. Claire approaches quietly with rope in hand ready to tie her up. She gets close and removes her knickers and without warning swann Wakes up. Claire stuffs her dirty panties into swanns mouth and they begin to struggle. Claire gets the upper hand and turns swann over an removes her scarf mask and proceeds to give her a nice scarf cleave gag, preventing swann from spitting out the knickers. Claire then removes her head scarf and begins to tie swanns hands behind her back. Clear quickly leaves the room while swann is still in shock as to what has happened. Claire enters again with another scarf and proceeds to tie swanns ankles together leaving her totally helpless, bound and gagged. After leaving swan to struggle Claire goes to look what she can steal. She heads to the back room and finds swanns collection of satin and silk scarves. Claire had no idea that her target had a secret fetish for silk and satin. She rubs the scarves against her face and then an evil grin appears across her face, she decides she’s going to have some fun with swann. She’s about to leave the room when she spots one of swanns vibrator and takes it with her. Still struggling on the bed where she left her she brings in a chair and starts to untie swanns ankles. She picks her up and takes her to the chair and begins to tie her to it. Swann is now bound to the chair and Claire pulls out one of swanns scarves and gives her another cleave gag which pushes the dirty knickers deeper into swanns mouth. Claire then looks at her and grins and then tells her it’s time fir some fun. She picks swanns vibrator up and walks towards her with an evil grin on her face. Swann now has her own toy tied between her legs as Claire begins to play with her and feels her body up. She pushes the vibrate harder between her legs and turns the speed higher. After a hot and horny struggle clair decides to take one of swans large satin scarves and gives her a scarf hood, completely covering her head. She then takes another scarf and ties a head scarf on her and then one final otm scarf gag over her cocooned head, silencing her more. Claire then finishes what she has started and begins to torment swann with the vibrator. Claire is totally horny now and deep down she knows swann is really starting to enjoy herstoo. She can see that swanns knickers are starting to get wet. Claire drags over a second chair and sits in front of swan and begins to touch herself while watching swann struggle against her gags and bondage. The vibrator left on to work its magic while Claire sits and plays with herself. Swanns breathing starts to get heavy and Claire knows she’s about to explode with pleaser so she plays with herself harder and both girls reach climax at the same time. Claire is completely exhausted and decides to leave swann tied to the chair and leave her property altogether without taking anything. Laft to free herself, swann manages to get a hand loose and removes the vibrator and scarf Haggs from her face. On a total high she calls for the mystery woman and demands to know her name. Not angry in the slitest swann falls back into her chair completely exhausted but totally satisfied with her crazy and unpredictable day…

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:44
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 17814kbps
Audio: 128kbps

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