Clear Strap Hogtie for Amanda

Video language: English

Dr. Cupcakes likes his new clear straps a lot, so today he is experimenting once more with them. Amanda Foxx is his test subject. Her wrists are already bound and she is gagged with a huge red ballgag when they start. He has a handful of her hair as he leads her into the lab. He buckles a body harness on first, before he starts manhandling her ample sweaty tits. To keep her in place, he zipties the body harness overhead, before he continues manhandling and spanking her. Amanda yelps and whimpers as the Dr. does as he pleases. He eventually gets out more straps and completely straps up her legs and even cinches them with zipties. Amanda’s gag eventually comes out, but is quickly replaced with a clear, harness, panel, ballgag. The gag is then ziptied overhead as well. This is where Part 1 ends.

Total size: 3.0 GB in 3 files.