Cleaning The Bitch Up

Cast: Lilyth Vaine
Video language: English

After a hard day at work at the compound he needed to clean the bitch up before returning her to her cage. He rolled her in on the transport cart. With her hands zip tied he attached them to the hoist, He pulls the big girl up on her toes. Ripping her shirt open he slaps her big tits and gropes them. Adding several zip ties from head to toe he gags her. Next he turns to them huge tits. Making a chest harness out of zip ties he lifts them up on her chest. Now it was time for the washing. He sprays cold water on her for several minutes. Making her dance around and turn to make sure he gets every inch. Now freezing and her nipples hard as rocks he adds nipple clamps digging deep in her nipples. He steps back and sprays her again. Focusing on the clamps. She screams out in pain as the water beats on her nipples and clamps. After satisfied that her cleaning was done. He steps back and let’s her dry in the heat of the day.

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Duration: 12:56
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