Christina; Sweet Revenge for a Bitchy Boss – Part 1

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Christina gets back to the hotel and is pissed. Ivan is supposed to be her assistant/chauffer and has decided that he’s had enough and just didn’t pick her up from the airport. She walks in the room and immediately starts berating him for his behavior and wasting her valuable time. She’s wearing a tight fitting gray short skirt with a matching blazer, black lace top thigh highs and black and red pumps. Ivan tells her that he’s done working for her and she tells him to, “Get the fuck out.” She continues to insult and yell at Ivan. He tells her that he got her a gift before he leaves and pulls out a body-bag style ball gag. Christina is like that’s lovely, I have no idea what that is. Before she has a chance to respond any further, Ivan pulls her into his lap and grabs some rope from a bag sitting beside him. Christina kicks and pushes trying to get away from this creep. Ivan holds on to her wrists and despite all her fighting, he manages to get her wrists tied together behind her back. He explains to her that this weekend she is his, and will listen to him and do whatever he says. She wants no part of that and still yells at Ivan refusing to have anything to do with him. Her screams and squeals paired with the way she bends and stretches her body trying to get out of his grasp are simply amazing to see. Her breasts and flat stomach peak through the blazer’s one straining button. Ivan grabs the gag and shoves it deep in her sexy foul mouth. She continues to curse loudly at him, but now they are just angry muffles. He lifts her legs up giving a peak of the seam running up her legs on the back of the stockings. Ivan pulls her back close and opens the blazer and it falls away from her breasts. Ivan reaches up taking each one of her ample tits and removes it from her sexy lace bra and she screams no behind the gag. He shoves her to the floor and pulls her legs close to him. He takes another piece of rope and fastens her knees and ankles together while she squirms on the floor making her beautiful bosom bounce all around. Christina makes wonderful little mmphs and meeps as she rolls around on the floor while being over powered by Ivan. Finally, she tries to beg him to let her go in a very pitiful voice, but Ivan is not falling for it. In all the fighting and squirming, her skirt rides up exposing the tops on her stockings and her perfect ass. Part 1 ends with Christina starting to scoot away and Ivan grabbing her and dragging her back. Starring Christina Carter.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 8:44
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 129.6 MB