Christina-Serene: Business or Pleasure – Part 1

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Serene Isley was sitting at her desk when the little tramp just pranced right in and sat her slutty ass on her desk. Christina Carter immediately starts asking Serene if she heard about her new promotion. Serene grits her teeth but she’s had enough. She asks Christina if she knows that she was up for the same promotion. Christina smiles brilliantly, as she delivers a fake apology. That does it, Serene lunges at Christina slamming her against the wall by her throat. I pull her wrists behind her back and start tying them together with some rope. She tries to get away but Serene suggests that she make this easy on her. Christina tries to give Serene the job, deciding the promotion is not worth dealing with the psycho bitch. Serene’s not buying it though. She’s tired of being passed up for promotions by girls that get on their knees and back instead of actually doing their jobs. Serene berates Christina for being a slut, and in return, Christina calls Serene a cunt. They bitch back and forth while Serene finishes binding her wrists. Christina asks if Serene really thinks she can get away with this. Serene has it all planned though, she knew who was getting the promotion and knew that little slut would come in her office to rub it in her face. Serene tells Christina that she’s already talked with the security guard downstairs…the one that Christina is such a bitch to every morning, and he’s agreed to help her. Serene starts to tie Christina’s elbows together but Christina starts playing dirty. She implies that she’s had some after office hours with Serene’s boyfriend. Serene drops the rope and reaches for a big ball gag she bought special just for Christina’s mouth. She puts it in, pulling it nice and deep, and Christina tries to pull away. Serene grabs the gag straps and pulls her whole head back by the ball in her mouth and then latches it in place, not quite silencing her but at least shutting her up a little, though the squealing noises she still makes are quite sexy. Serene adds the elbow rope to Christina’s arms as they continue to have a little chat. Serene explains just how detailed her plan is. She tells Christina how she’s already set her up to make it look like Christina is the one that stole all the stuff from the boss’s office. She tells Christina about how at the end, she’s going to be given to the security team down stairs for them to have some fun with her before taking her away. She XXXX Christina to lay down on the desk and when she hesitates, afraid that she’ll fall off, Serene slides her forward leaning her off the edge even more getting a lovely shriek from Christina. She ties Christina’s ankles together and Christina sinks to a new low, offering Serene a job as her assistant. Serene just laughs and says no thanks. One more rope is added tying her ankles off to her elbows putting her in a hogtie. She slides Christina over and says she’s sorry. Christina snaps back at her say saying that she isn’t sorry. Serene grabs Christina’s throat and tells her she’s right, that’s she’s not sorry, and adds not even a little bit as she smears Christina’s drool on her own face. Starring Christina Carter and Serene Isley.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 6:32
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