Christina Carter & Serene Isley – BFF’s

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I was sitting on the couch, wrapped in just a towel and pantyhose, flipping through a magazine when my roommate,Christinacame in and asked me for a favor. She’s also wrapped in just a towel and she really really really wanted to be tied up, but first she wanted me to put her hair up in a another towel to make sure it was out of the way of the ropes when I went to tie her elbows. I get her to lean over and bit and twist the towel before flipping it up over her head.Christinatugs the towel up a bit to make sure it doesn’t slide off and then hands me the rope with a grin. I have her turn around and pull her arms together behind her back and I coil the soft rope around them, pulling them very tight and cinching them together. She moans, already feeling more relaxed. We chit chat a little while I finish tying the knot and move on to her wrists. I tellChristinathat her ankles are next and she spins around and tosses her legs on my lap. I run my hand over her super smooth legs before I lash her ankles together.I give Christina’s feet a quick tickle and then remember that I need to make a phone call. I leave her alone to go grab my phone and she struggles in the rope testing out how tight it is and moaning as she flexes and twists. In her struggles, her towel slides off her head and she shakes out her brunette hair. I come back soon with my phone in hand and tell her to lay down. I then cover her face with the towel, holding it in place with my hand while I chat on the phone. She yells through the gag and wiggles around, she’s so loud, that I shush her so I can finish making my plans.I hang up the phone andChristinais not happy when I pull the towel off her face. I tell her that she is entirely too loud. Taken aback, she proclaims that I’m never done that to her before. I start to unroll some strips of clear tape and tell her that she’s been a little sassy lately. She takes note of what I’m doing and asks, but I’m not ready to hear her start whining about it, so I just tell her that I’m not doing anything and to ignore me as I pull off another strip of clear tape and stick it to her leg for her to hold until I need it.Finally,Christinaasks if I’m going to stuff something in her mouth claiming she’s seen me do it to other people. I first deny it saying I would dream of doing that to my BFF, but then once she admits to spying on me, it’s game over. She tries to stand up to hop away but I pull her back down beside me and stuff a big white cloth deep in her mouth. I hold it in place with my hand and then place the strips of clear tape on top to keep it in place. I smooth it down and mock her a bit saying I just can’t understand her as she whines into the big gag. I leave her alone again so I can finish up some homework before I go out tonight.Christinacalls after me, angry and annoyed. She rocks back on the couch and pulls hard against the rope. Her voice takes on a high pitched squeal as she yells at me. She drops to the wooden floor, bending over and shimmying, flipped her hair back out of her face before taking a seat. I come back in, in a dress and high heels, and tell her that I have some dinner plans so I’m going to have to make sure she stays a bit more quiet. I wrap white microfoam around her head a few times tightening the gag. She whimpers and protests, but she can’t really stop me. Next, I lower her to the floor on her stomach and tie her ankles up to her elbows. When she tries to kick I give her ass a quick pop and snap at her to stop it! I get the rope tied off and then head out the front door, leaving her alone to struggle in the ropes on the floor..

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