Chris’ First Spanking

First Contact Video! Straight boy Chris goes over a man’s knee for the first time in this video. It’s the first time he’s ever been touched by a man. Chris has an incredibly hot bubble butt. Until this day, he had no idea that he had nice butt, but Tom was glad to tell him.
Chris showed up in a pair of blue jeans that fit him just right, showing off his round butt to its best advantage. Like so many others, Chris hadn’t anticipated going over Tom’s knee for his spanking. At first, Chris actually sat down beside Tom because he didn’t comprehend that Tom was ordering him over his knee. Many of the boys smile from embarrassment when they go over Tom’s knee. But Chris’ face is filled with a mixture of resentment, fear and grudging acceptance of his plight. When Tom tells Chris he must address him as "sir," Chris looks as though he might cry. It’s pretty clear that Chris can hardly believe what he’s gotten himself into.
Chris struggles with the spanking throughout the video. He’s glad for any break in the spanking, even if it means asking a man to rub his ass. Tom compliments Chris’ ass while rubbing it, and tells plenty of guys would volunteer to rub it.
This is a long, hard session. Tom gives it to Chris with his hand, a ping pong paddle, leather slapper and the belt. Chris grunts, squirms and kicks as he struggles to endure the spanking. By the end of this video, Chris’ ass is deep red with marks forming.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:41
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Audio: 182kbps

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