Chris’ First Spanking Part 2

Chris is a hot 22-year-old straight boy with a very round, firm, pale butt. His first spanking continues in this video. By the end of the first part of his spanking, Chris’ butt was very red and he was pretty much worn out. Little did he know that the worst was still to come.
Tom really gives it to Chris in this video, both physically and verbally. Chris realized early on that he better be quick, respectful and careful with his answers to Tom’s questions if he hopes to avoid an even harsher spanking. To his credit, Chris does his best to be obedient. He is very trainable.
Tom uses his hand, a riding crop and a hairbrush on Chris’ already-tender butt. Chris holds on as best as he can, but he is kicking and groaning through much of this video. He is completely frazzled by the end of this video, and completely obedient and respectful.

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:03
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Audio: 181kbps

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