Cherie DeVille – So Sticky

The other day, I finally found the tape that I had been looking for. I haven’t used many tape gags recently – mainly because I wasn’t a fan of the look of them and most tape doesn’t work that well – or it works way too well and you can take off half of the skin on someone’s face if you aren’t careful. This tape I finally got ahold of is stretchy medical tape that is truly a wonder. It is very sticky, and it molds to the face – and it also comes off if you peel it from the edge without any damage.
It’s sexy stuff. Very reminicient of the tape used in the movie "Single White Femaie", only actually better looking than that. When putting together the outfit for the scene, I decided that a nice white dress with crazy 7" heels would work wonderfully – and Cherie was nice enough to put on her very slick chocolate pantyhose for you before getting helpless… enjoy!

Format: mp4
Duration: 11:58
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