Charlie part 8

Straight boy Charlie is in a truly sorry and overwhelmingly degraded state. Normally he spends all his time swanning around town with his mates, fucking whores and partying. But here this playboy has been turned into a cock slave gagging on every dick shoved down his throat till he hurls all over himself. Kneeling in a puddle of his own filth he desperately struggles to service Adrian’s erection because he knows there will be punishment otherwise. But Charlie has to do fucking better than that! He must suppress his bodily reactions and be completely submissive. He’s led around naked and trained to serve at the total expense of his comfort and pleasure. Even when he needs a piss he must plead for respite and to his utter humiliation he’s ordered to lift is leg and urinate into a bucket. His own stinking piss is funnelled into his gaping sore arsehole. He’s made to feel all the pressure and pain of that filth trapped in his guts while his servility continues and his arse is beaten. Every second of this degradation feels like an eternity and Charlie must learn that this is his life from now on!

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