Charlie part 7

Sexy young straight prick Charlie is strung up naked in a very vexing position. His legs are spread just enough so that every time he kicks his legs out he inadvertently flashes his pink anus turning us on even more. The feisty fella has a supple sporty body and tempting whirls of dark hair on his chest and in his pits and the crack of his arse. He’s got plenty of fight left in him, but he grows increasingly terrified as Dave binds Charlie up so he’s in constant excruciating pain and sharply aware how vulnerable his genitals are. All he can do is watch helplessly as Dave gobs on his arse and uses his fingers to pry open his hole until it looks like a sloppy slutty cunt. His sphincter is wrenched open with a big thick dildo and a deep hard mechanical fucking. Charlie moans pathetically thinking there can be nothing worse than having his arse so viciously torn into. But then he must endure the humiliation of having his dick manipulated till he’s hard and made to spill his rich sporty spunk. At the same time his nip clamps are whipped off causing the most intense pain and ensuring that every orgasm he has from now on will be associated with this wretched agony and humiliation.

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