Charlie part 10

When Charlie first walked in here looking for a job he was all manners but now he’s showing how he’s really a mean little cunt. Tied naked to a frame with his meaty bum pointed in the air his only way of fighting back is to insult Dave and promise revenge. We want this homophobic twat to willingly stick his tongue in a man’s arsehole but Charlie believes himself above this faggot behaviour. This proud straight bastard needs to learn he’s in no position to negotiate. Until Charlie submits his pristine manly bum is going to receive Dave’s most vicious discipline. He cries out and weeps as he receives a severe lashing. It sends him into such shock that his body viciously trembles with the pain. When Charlie can’t take anymore he finally bends… and by bend we mean shoves his face into Dave’s stinking arse. Dave revels in being tongued by this hetero boy and rubs his arse all over Charlie’s humiliated face. The bastard reels from the taste of a man’s bumhole on his tongue so Dave kindly washes it off unleashing a stream of piss all over the boy’s proud features. He’s not such a smug cocky fucker anymore!

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