Chad on the Bench

Chad is a fit, hung 21-year-old college boy who loves surfing and skateboarding. He’s back for another hard spanking. He went over Tom’s knee in his first spanking (a position that you’ll learn at the end of this video was a complete surprise to him), and this time he’s strapped to Tom’s spanking bench and then over Tom’s knee with Tom standing up.
This video begins with a brief and very interesting interview with Chad about his first spanking video and his decision-making process for doing that video. Tom finally gets an answer to the most common question he’s gotten from viewers and friends alike: Why don’t these boys ask for details about what the spanking will entail? Chad explains why he didn’t ask for details, and we think that, if asked, most of the other boys would echo his sentiments. Be sure to watch this video all the way through as Tom asks Chad a few more questions at the end of this video. As a result, you’ll know what went through the mind at least one of our boys (one of the smartest ones, actually) when he decided to do a spanking video.
Chad did not know he’d be restrained to a bench for this video. But, as you’ll learn from the question and answer session, he was expecting the unexpected. Once he’s firmly strapped down, Tom gives Chad a long and harsh spanking with his hand and a number of implements. He uses riding crops, an electric paddle, wooden spoon, leather strap, large leather slapper, large wooden paddle, two rulers (the first cracks) and a Wartenberg wheel.
Chad struggles throughout most of this video. He squirms and writhes around while letting loose various verbal reactions to the pain. But he is polite and respectful through it all (he knows better than to be otherwise).

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