Carissa Dumond & Fayth On Fire Bound & Gagged for Graffiti & Trespassing, faythonfire

Carissa Dumond and I found this amazing little tree house after spending some time on the nearby waterway. Altho there is a No Trespassing sign, it doesn’t look like anyone lives here or has been here for a long while. We crawl into this defunct treehouse and find cans of spray paint just sitting there so we decide to get artsy and even more rebellious and start spraying graffiti all over the walls of this little treefort. We are in our out little artistic world, painting and chatting when the owner watches us destroy his property. Once he is very close we finally realize he is there and try to cover our tracks with more paints and innocent words but that does not work. The next thing we know, we both are bound to the wall of this building as gagged as well. We continue to try and talk ourway out of this but he just sits back and watches our struggling bondage ways and listens to us gag talk and plead for forgiveness. He must like what he sees and what he has done to us as he doesn’t say another word, but just watches us struggle against our binds. Carissa in metal ankle shackles and handcuffs and rope gag and I bound in leather cuffs and gagged with a ballgag. We gagtalk and talk and talk and test every possible position our bondage will allow but its no use, we will be stuck here until the homeowner decides we have learned our lesson and there’s no telling how long that will be.

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