Captive Chrissy Marie Sweet New Unreal Cool Mega Collection. Part 2.

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

Chrissy is outraged as she witnesses her tits being tied so tightly she is sure they will explode! She is being awful noisy now too so the henchman adds a nice tight cleave gag to keep her quiet! She is told The Captain is eager to see her and will be there shortly and she is left struggling to get free before the boss arrives!
In the second scene The Captain has arrived and one of his first demands of from his captive Chrissy is she gives him a blowjob (simulated)! Once he has been satisfied she finds herself tied up yet again, this time tightly roped to a chair with her arms box tied and her ankles tied back to the arms of the chair! She is gagged with a cloth between her teeth and The Captain gropes her bound tits as he tells her that he has placed a bomb and set a timer and soon the house will blow up with her still in it! He leaves and she tries to struggle as hard as possible to escape before it’s too late! In the end she manages to get her gag off to say, “this isn’t the end, Captain Knap – I’ll escape and make sure you pay for your crimes!”

Total size: 6.5 GB in 10 files.