Caning Travis

Travis is a hot, straight military boy with a big, round butt that’s perfect for spanking. Although Travis struggles with the pain of any kind of spanking, his butt simply will not redden easily. Even the cane doesn’t leave much of a mark on Travis’ virtually-bulletproof butt.
Going into this shoot, Travis told Tom he’d do "anything" to make the large sum of money he needed. Tom took that seriously and planned a long, hard session for Travis. The first part of this session is shown in the video "It Hurts, Sir!" By the end of that video, Travis was asking Tom how much more he had to take. He gets the answer to that question in this video when Tom breaks out the cane.
Travis really has a hard time with the harshness of the cane. He shakes, yells and contorts his face with each stroke of the cane. When he tries to stand up before Tom gives him permission at the end of his caning, Tom corrects him with an extra stroke of the cane.
For the rest of the story of this shoot, be sure to read the narrative for "It Hurts, Sir!" We just noticed that several paragraphs of that narrative were missing, so we added them.

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