Caning Kyle

Tom will often give a boy a bonus if the boy has done his best to endure a hard spanking. It basically comes down to obedience and respect. Tom did not feel that Kyle had endured this day’s spanking well, so there was to be no bonus. Kyle wanted the bonus, so with his butt already raw and hurting, he agreed to this caning.
Tom didn’t like the way Kyle kept moving around in the first part of the video. He stood up, he walked around, he basically did as he pleased. Tom’s having none of that during this caning. Tom tells Kyle he will either stay in position and keep his hands on the table or he won’t get any bonus.
Kyle really struggles with this caning. It with 36 fairly rapid strokes of the cane, and they aren’t light strokes by any means. Kyle was already shaking and struggling at the end of the previous segment (Kyle Strapped and Whipped). Now he flexes, grunts and breathes erratically. The 36 strokes are followed by 18 harder strokes at a slower pace. Kyle starts to shake uncontrollably and his knees become weak. He is clearly struggling to maintain control of himself and fighting back tears.
When it’s over, Kyle can barely take the pain of getting dressed and pulling his pants and boxer briefs up over his raw butt. Did he keep his hands on the table and get his bonus? Watch and see.

Format: mp4
Duration: 9:25
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4723kbps
Audio: 175kbps

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