Caning Adam

Adam is a hot 21-year-old straight frat boy. He’s done a few spanking videos and a few videos for our other site (RedHotStraightBoys). In this video, you’ll see Adam get caned, and he has a very hard time with it.
You may notice that Adam has some lube on his butt. Right before this video, Adam did a video for our other site in which he was penetrated for the first time (digitally and with a sex toy). Rather than let him clean up in between, Tom wanted to immediately proceed with the caning. Adam had been making noises about maybe coming back on another day for this caning, so Tom wanted to get to it right away.
Some guys can take a spanking pretty well, and others can’t. Adam is one of those who can’t. He was dreading this caning from the moment Tom first proposed it. But Adam is young, good-looking and loves to have fun. When his expenditures outstripped his earnings, he suddenly realized he needed to do another video. So he reluctantly agreed to be caned.
Adam’s reactions are great. He is gasping, grunting, shaking and whining from the beginning. He even says he can’t take any more at one point, but he had already crossed his Rubicon. It was far too late for him to give any serious consideration to quitting. By the time it’s over, Adam’s butt is striped and he is thoroughly rattled. He might think twice before chipping in on the next kegger.

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Duration: 19:13
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