Candle: The Client List

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

*Note by Serene Isley – Candle is amazingly sexy and her expressions, outfit, and all the effort she puts into struggling makes this one super hot clip Candle was sitting at home going over some of her paperwork before her next client arrives. She was all ready for him. Her hair and make-up were pristine and she was dressed to , but then again, she always was. Tonight, she chose a silky red dress that clung to every alluring curve of her body. She also had on black high heels and cuban heeled stocking with a back seam running up her long legs and attached to garters at the top. Without a sound, a man rushes in from her side room immediately thrusting his hand to her throat pinning her to the chaise. Candle struggled trying to get away from the man but he was too strong for her. She flailed her limbs around hoping to get him to make a mistake somehow and release her long enough for her to reach the door. Instead, he grabs her legs and flips her over, XXXX her to lean over the chaise. He straddles her legs and uses a stocking he found in her laundry room to tie her wrists up behind her back. She keeps trying to get away and manages to fall to the floor, sadly this didn’t help her circumstances at all. She loses her heels in the struggle leaving her with just her stocking feet. She calls out hoping that maybe a neighbor would here her cries, but she knows better. The man uses another stocking to tie Candle’s ankles together, but she is still far from helpless. She yells at the man to get his fat ass off of her as he continues to add stockings up her legs, tightly tying them together. He lifts her by her ankles and wrists and tosses her back on the chaise. He uses another stocking to tie her ankles to her wrists putting her in a tight hogtie. Candle rolls off the chaise to the floor kicking and yelling the whole time. Once he has her elbows tied, he grabs her by her hair and XXXX her to open wide while he shoves a big stocking ball in her mouth and ties it behind her head. She screams into the gag, pulling hard against the stockings keeping her held. Her shoulder straps fall to the side revealing her perfect sweet breasts. He puts her high heels back on her feet and ties them on to prevent them from coming off again. Candle manages to slip out of the wrist tie, but the man had already started tying another one to replace it. She lifts her legs above him and kicks him on the back, but without any leverage it does little to hamper the large man. He adds a few strips of black tape over her gag to make sure it stays put. He reaches over and picks up her black notebook that contains everything important, including her very confidential client list. She was careful to only keep this information in hard copies to prevent it from getting leaked and is outraged as the man flips through it declaring that they can steal paper too. The man walks out leaving Candle exposed, bound, gagged and pissed off on the chaise..

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 10:21
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
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