Cameron’s First Spanking Part 2

This is the second half of a very long, harsh spanking that brings tears to Cameron’s eyes and has him sniffling and rubbing his eyes.
Cameron is a hot 23-year-old straight boy with a cute face and a firm, muscular butt (made that way by weightlifting and gymnastics). He’s taken time off from college to work and save up money. This is the second half of his lengthy first spanking video. Before today’s shoot, he had never been touched by a man in a sexual way.
By the time this half of the video begins, Cameron’s butt is red and sore. He has already taken more than many (if not most) of Tom’s first spankings entail, yet he is far from done. Tom uses an electric paddle, plastic ruler, wooden spoon, belt, leather strap, and, of course, his hand Cameron’s round butt. The spanking is harsh enough that Cameron can’t help but kick, grunt and squirm as tears well up in his eyes. Through it all, Cameron remains respectful and obedient. Cameron said in his interview that his most memorable spanking had come from a belt at the hands of his . That one pales in comparison to what he gets in this video.

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