Bryce’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! Before today’s shoot, Bryce had never done any adult work or been touched by a man. He is an 18-year-old straight boy with a tight body and huge dick. Bryce considered doing a video for weeks before coming in, but his nervousness is still readily apparent. It’s been a long time since he was last physically disciplined, and he’s never encountered anything similar to the situation he faces today.
Bryce showed up late and, as a result, only had time to shoot his interview and one scene. When that happens, the spanking comes first. Although Bryce has always wanted to do porn and had had weeks to prepare for this shoot, he was still nervous. In his interview he had described being spanked when he was younger. But, once the spanking was about to begin, he said he had never been spanked. After the video, Tom asked him why. Bryce said he thought Tom was referring to a situation similar to this video (being spanked as an adult), but Tom thinks Bryce was just too nervous to focus properly.
This video starts with Tom ordering Bryce to bend over a stool. Tom goes at Bryce with his hand, riding crop, leather slapper, birch, Wartenberg wheel, electric paddle, large leather slapper, metal ruler, and the small oak paddle. Most straight boys want to smile during their spankings, but Bryce doesn’t even try. He goes from nervous to scared, and then to the brink of tears. By the end of the video his ass is red with with light bruises developing. For those who are curious, the tan lines on Bryce’s legs are the result of him being an avid cyclist and wearing bicycle shorts.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:38
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4792kbps
Audio: 181kbps

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