Bryce on the Bench

Bryce, age 18, is back for another spanking. In Bryce’s last video, Tom punished him for reckless speeding and using his connections to keep from getting a ticket. He had simply walked away from the incident scot-free until he made the mistake of telling Tom about it. This time Tom addresses another incident Bryce made the mistake of telling Tom about. He shoplifted a tie tack at a department store, was caught and detained by the store’s security, but was once again able to avoid any consequences other than a lecture.
Although Bryce is basically a good boy, Tom doesn’t believe a lecture is enough. The whole shoplifting incident had left so little of an impression on Bryce that he actually went back to that same department store recently and applied for a job. He was almost hired, too, until they discovered his past at the store.
Tom gets right down to business and takes the large leather slapper to Bryce’s butt. Just a handful of strokes later, Bryce’s ass is already a deep pink. Next up is the clear plastic ruler, followed by every boy’s favorite, the electric paddle. After the electric paddle, Tom uses a riding crop. He also uses a small oak paddle, a long plastic shoehorn and a very painful wooden-handled rubber slapper. Tom also uses a Wartenberg wheel to make sure the lesson is driven home. He also lectures Bryce about his shoplifting.
Bryce has a tough time with this spanking. By the end of it, he’s basically crying without shedding any tears. He takes his punishment like a man, but it’s clear he’s learned a painful lesson.

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