Breast Torment Interrogation For Spy Reagan

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Busty blonde spy Reagan Lush has proven to be tough as nails. She escaped the last interrogation and I am determined to finally break her. I have her strung up against a wooden board in her tight jeans and tee shirt. Her arms are bound spread wide against a bamboo pole and she is out. I throw a jug of ice cold water on her head startling her and waking her up. Reagan curses me and tells me she will never talk. I face slap her and smack her big tits several times saying that she will give me the location of the flash drive. I manhandle her tits some more then cut off her clothing leaving her bound in her micro bikini. I tie off her ankles spreading them. Reagan screams and struggles when I pick up a flogger and beat her wet belly and tits until they turn red. This spy is as stubborn as they come, but so am I and I have all the time in the world. I remove her bikini top exposing the tits that I plan to torment. I pull and twist her nipples pouring more water on them to keep them wet. I apply the electric nipple clamps and play the intensity to add the element of surprise. I beat her tits with my bare hands and laugh as she screams in agony. I decide to escalate things by using the tazapper sparking it up on Reagan’s legs, arms and breasts. Tens unit pads are strategically placed on her tits and the current pulses through her tits as they twitch and jerk uncontrollably. I bring in the tazapper and start using it across Reagan’s body focusing on her tits laughing as I spark her up. Reagan lets out a horrible scream each time it is applied to her skin and she struggles and screams. I pull out the nipple suckers and the spy’s eyes widen in fear as I crank them up on her sensitive nipples.

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Duration: 35:07
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