Breaking her for Beauty

Jade needs this…she needs to be desired for her beauty, she needs to be controlled…The bondage works it’s psychological magic on her, as she relaxes and submits when she feels truly restrained…afterall, what else is a helpless woman to do?…But Jade enjoys it…she enjoys it a lot…she invites new experiences and does her best to face down her own fears…The emotions you see coming out of Jade are very sincere…she can be smiling one second and wincing the next…After revealing her seemingly sculpted, perfect feminine body with a toe-standing vertical stretch, I position her for some anal play…I insert an electric plug and enjoy her anxious moans as the current rises up and down insider her ass hole…Continuing to focus on her ass, she is spread and flogged….then a beautiful wide spread…Her legs are pulled wide as I use the Samurai on her helpless pussy…The alien sensations overtake Jade and she turns into a purring kitten as I fuck and shock her from the inside…her pussy juices allreasdy flowing very thick, I blindfold her and leave her to cum and struggle for our enjoyment…Have a happy Halloween, kinksters!

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Duration: 12:49
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