Boys Just Want To Have Fun

Ryan is a 19-year-old frat boy who tells Tom at the beginning of this video that he loves to have fun. He’s athletic and he enjoys risky pursuits, including driving fast. A lot of young men like to drive fast (including Bryce, another of our models), but Ryan likes to drive very, very fast. In fact, he once got pulled over for driving 130 miles per hour (210 kilometers per hour) in a 70 mph (112 kph) zone. As he found out, you don’t just get a ticket when you’re driving that recklessly. When you drive that fast, you get arrested and your car gets impounded.
Of course, you learn a lesson when you go through all of that. Or you should, anyway. Ryan did not. His parents paid to get his car back for him and Ryan continues to speed. Ryan’s owns a very expensive imported sports car and, after his arrest for driving 130 mph, Ryan drove it 150 mph (241 kph) for an extended period of time with his asleep in the front passenger seat! When he woke up and realized how much ground they had covered how quickly, Ryan’s was angry, but there was no punishment. And there never would have been any punishment if Ryan hadn’t made the mistake of proudly telling Tom about his reckless driving.
This is a long, harsh over-the-knee spanking. Tom uses a variety of implements on Ryan, including his hand, a ping pong paddle, electric paddle, long plastic shoehorn, Canadian school strap and a ruler. But things don’t get really serious until Tom breaks out his leather and rubber slappers. They push young Ryan, who is often fighting tears, to the edge.
The spanking starts with Ryan dressed nicely in a collared shirt, khaki pants, white briefs and a pair of white socks. Tom had told Ryan he must dress nicely for his spankings, and Ryan paid attention.
Tom believes that Ryan is basically a very nice boy. He is friendly and polite, and he takes his education seriously. But Ryan really does have a serious problem with speeding Driving at speeds well over 100 miles per hour is wildly reckless and dangerous, and Ryan has apparently done this on many occasions. There’s something about young men and fast cars. It’s no wonder that insurance rates for males don’t go down until they turn 25. Hopefully reason and common sense take over by then.
Even after this very harsh spanking, Ryan tells Tom he will continue to speed. The truth is that if an arrest and very harsh spanking won’t slow you down, a serious accident or the wisdom that comes with age are probably the only things that will. We will hope for the latter.

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