Both Masie and Sarah tie their ankles to each other… (2013)

Release Year: 2013
Genres: BDSM

… then place a double ended dildo into their pussy’s and place gas masks over their faces. Sarah starts the metronome and both place their wrists in a set of handcuffs. Both girls start to move in time with the ticking of the metronome, fucking the double ended dildo, and as they do so the air in a bag connected to the air inlet to the gas masks is being used up – will they cum before the air runs out and who will be the first to remove their gas mask for air ? Masie loses and has a crotch rope tied around her then connect the winch to the front of her crotch rope and cuff her hands behind her back. Sarah inspects Masie then suggests something is missing and produces some rope which she ties around Masie’s elbows pulling them together. Next Sarah gives the winch control to Masie and commands her to operate the winch until the crotch rope is tight and Massie onto her tip toes. Again Sarah inspects Masie and says that the crotch rope could be a bit tighter and operates the winch again Masie is maked higher on to her tip toes.. Sarah takes advantage of Masie’s predicament and starts to feel and kiss Masie’s body then produces a vibrator which she uses on herself while Masie watches her. Finally Sarah knowing that Masie’s partner will soon be home and that they will be discovered in a bondage lesbian position ties herself to the front of Masie with her hands cuffed behind so she can not escape but she is able to lick Masie’s pussy.

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:44
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Audio: 155kbps

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