Boss TK 1: Love Taps

Description: Continuing the tradition of Mayhem North’s spanking series, we are introducing viewers to MY spanking character ”Boss TK”. In my role as a professional dominant, my clients are mainly older men who can take REALLY hard spankings, as in almost to the point of drawing blood. When my slave watched this title, he said to me, ”what is this, love taps?” because this title features all young guys who have never been spanked, and some of whom are worried about going home to their partners with welts. So I went a little easy on them. That disclaimer aside, these four hot young guys actually do take a good dose of punishment. Like all Mayhem North spanking videos, the focus is on the positions and the angles – it is all about displaying boys asses. Mandy Goodhandy is on the camera this time, and she NEVER fails to miss a shot, so this title is particularly special. I’m nowhere near as clever as Mandy is with the improv or the dialogue, so I kept things simple. All guys are caught jerking off instead of working, so I spank them.
– Todd Klinck – Producer, Mayhem North

Boss TK catches Byron playing with himself on the job. When Byron denies it, Boss TK puts him over his knees and spanks him. After positioning him all over the room, taking advantage of the boy’s beautiful large cock and twitching asshole, Byron finally admits that he was whacking off, and Boss TK leaves him alone.

Mikey is playing with himself instead of working. Boss TK dishes out more spankings.

Blair is playing with himself instead of working. Boss TK spanks this tattooed and very stubborn boy until his ass is covered in red blisters. The deal is that Blair has to admit he was playing with his cock otherwise the spanking continues. Blair continues to deny it, saying he was just ”adjusting” himself, so the spanking continues, until finally Blair admits it.

Telly is playing with himself on the job. Once again Boss TK issues a spanking. Telly’s ass bruises very easy, so this scene is shorter than the others, but not before Telly gets a good hard spanking.

I included all the bonus footage this time – so you can see me and Mandy discussing the scenes with the boys before-hand, and some nice shots of my cat Mia X.

The first time I ever did a spanking scene, it was to a guy named Steve who had a lot of experience, and who enjoyed it so much that his cock was rock hard the whole time. That scene was part of the Mayhem North title Inside Todd’s Mayhem. So I included it on this title as a bonus, as it is the documentary of the birth of ”Boss TK”.

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Duration: 01:32:58

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