Born To Be A Slave – HD 720p

Covid-19 virus update – I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and the day after the shot I didn’t feel so good. I felt like I was coming down with a cold, so I went to bed early. The next day I was fine. A lot of my friends said that they had a similar 24-hour experience. The vaccine rollout seems to be going well in the San Francisco area, and appears to be very efficient and well organized. I will continue to wear my mask, which is not a problem. In my opinion, there are three reasons that make the video in this update highly unique. The first reason is that our friend Pup Havok’s face tattoos and nose ring look quite striking, especially behind his unique steel muzzle. The second reason is that the steel shackles and collar he’s wearing are welded on, so they cannot be removed. The third reason is that the conversation Bind has with Pup Havok about being a slave is extremely insightful and compelling. I consider these three reasons to be unusual and insightful nuggets which we don’t capture on video that often. Pup Havok is a friendly and pleasant guy, polite and well educated. He’s acquainted with our friend Yossie and happened to be staying with Yossie when we first met him. Since Havok enjoys bondage, he was more than willing to be in our videos. As one thing always leads to another, we ended up at my house with Bind and Havok playing in the back room on my bondage frame. Havok is clearly into bondage because he wears his steel shackles full time. Yep! Welded on, 24x7x365. His day job is primarily solo so he can wear his shackles full time. Havok also has a steel muzzle which he enjoys wearing as often as possible, which can be locked on. As you can see, his facial tattoos combined with his muzzle and shiny nose ring make for quite an unusual sight. During their bondage play, Bind said he felt that some people were born to be a slave. The more Bind talked about it, the more I realized that Pup Havok was in this category. Why else would he have shackles welded on? Notice Havok’s demeaner when Bind talks to him about this. In some way, Bind was also describing himself, and me, and many of us who love to be tied up. We feel most comfortable when we’re restrained and locked up. This is why Bind says that he feels ‘at home’ when he’s locked in a cage or jail cell. Some people dabble with bondage and restraint. They spend bits of time in bondage as a novelty, but they don’t crave it. Others prefer to spend longer times in bondage to satisfy their occasional urge, while others prefer to experience long periods of time – or even full time – in bondage with all their control given away. They crave the experience. So, on a scale of one to ten, with ten being caged, restrained, or jailed full time, I would say that Bind is a ten, Pup Havok is probably an eight, and I am probably a six. Interesting, eh? I don’t care to have my life be completely consumed with bondage, but I do crave it quite a bit. For me, it provides a break from my daily life experience, and frankly, I can’t do without it. Towards the end of Bind and Havok’s play, Bind talks about being ‘born to be a slave’. These comments are very insightful and something for all of us hard core bondage enthusiasts to think about. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

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