Boot Thief

Wes is a very muscular 22-year-old straight boy. He needed to supplement his income and was willing to do a solo video and a spanking video at his first shoot. His first spanking was relatively light, but he still had a hard time with it. He returned for a second shoot, and Tom gave him this very noticeably harder spanking.
During his interview, Wes made the mistake of telling Tom that he had once stolen a pair of work boots. He had spent $300 on them, and his chewed one of them up. So he went back to the store and sneakily swapped the chewed-up boot out for one in another box, which means he stuck the store with a pair of boots they could never sell. This was uncharacteristic for Wes, so he went back not too long after and bought the pair with the damaged boot to make right his misdeed.
Tom was impressed that Wes corrected his wrong, but he didn’t admit his guilt or apologize to the store, so Tom resolved to spank him for it. Watch Wes’ reaction when Tom tells him that his boot theft will be the subject of this spanking. Wes’ reaction is a mixture of embarrassment, resentment and disbelief.
Tom bends Wes over and uses his hand, a belt and an acrylic paddle on Wes’ butt. Wes struggles with the intensity of the spanking and declares that he will never steal again. Usually Tom doesn’t believe such assurances, but he believes Wes. Even before this spanking, Tom knew Wes was not going to steal again. Tom also knew that Wes both needed and deserved a harsh spanking to punctuate his guilt and emphasize that simply doing the equivalent of returning a stolen item was not enough. There must be some punishment, and it’s best if that punishment humbles a young man.

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