BondageDownSouth Clip 628 – Ultra Girl and The Enslaver

Fearless Ultra Girl is hot on the trail to bring down the Enslaver, a ruthless villain who has wrecked havoc by grabbing women and turning them into bondage slaves to be sold overseas. Intent on bring the Enslaver down, Ultra Girl has traced him to a hideout deep in the forest. She cautiously makes her way through the compound to the hideout, sneaking in the backdoor. Finding evidence to support it is indeed the enslaver’s hideout the sexy superheroine is grabbed from behind and rendered helpless by the Enslaver.
With her power belt removed and her hands tied behind her back, the now helpless Ultra Girl is carried off into the woods. Deep in the woods Ultra Girl is tied tight to some trees. As she awakens she fights against the ropes that secure. She protests and struggles as a crotch rope is added to her peril. The Enslaver antagonizes the helpless superheroine as he enjoys his work.
Ultra Girl is left to struggle in her peril as the Enslaver leaves to make arrangements with his buyer. Once arrangements have been made and the buyer is happy with the merchandise The Enslaver returns. He quickly locks a collar onto Ultra Girl and then proceeds to lock her in metal bondage. He antagonizes her more, letting her know that she has been enslaved. With her ankles bound with handcuffs and her wrists secured tight in Irish 8 handcuffs, the now gagged Ultra Girl is forced to shuffle down the path to begin her new future as a helpless, enslaved superheroine.

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:51
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Audio: 248kbps

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