Bobby – Strapped to a spanking bench

Release Year: 2020

Work men are notorious for teasingly showing off arse crack while tinkering around. Now that Bobby is strapped down he can do nothing to prevent his muscular round cheeks from being aggressively exposed and treated to a beating. His tight white pants are torn off him. The lad’s face goes red while his tight fleshy nut sack is tugged and stretched. To really get him howling Dave lashes his arse and sensitive thighs with his heavy leather belt. The boy fights with all his might against his restraints but can’t stop his sore bum from being relentlessly whacked.

Next Bobby’s rippled six pack is worked over as he’s tied with arms stretched wide. Dave lays into his with his balled fist punching his gut till he feels on the brink of hurling. His hard muscular back is treated to a really vicious flogging which gets him bucking like a wild beast. After such a harsh working over, the pain is psychologically combined with pleasure as Adrian firmly tugs and sucks on his cock until he’s got a hot throbbing erection. Just at the moment he hits his climax Dave delivers a swift hard punch to his stomach. From this day forward anytime he gets an erection there will be a part of his mind which recalls the rough pain that only truly perverted men can dish out.

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Duration: 14:15
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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