Blake In A Box – HD 720p

This is a fun video featuring Boy Blake in our fiberglass military box. We have had this box for years and occasionally someone expresses an interest in trying it out. Our friend MummyEd got this box on Craig’s List and I drilled holes in the side and installed two pipes that allow gas mask hoses to be connected. Although this box is awesome for confinement scenes, the person inside the box will run out of breathable air unless they have a way to breathe fresh outside air. So, we had a gas mask that allowed two hoses to be attached for both inhale and exhale. The gas mask hoses are connected to the ports on the side of the box, which allow the person inside to inhale and exhale external air. Not only does this work well, but it keeps the breathing air separate from the air inside the box. If any exhale air is mixed inside the box, the inside of the box will become hot and moist rather quickly. Now that I’m thinking about it, I should drill two more holes in the box and add a fan that would circulate a small amount of air through the box to keep the inside cool. In any case, we strapped Boy Blake in an orange straitjacket we got from the Straitjacket Shop on Etsy. This guy is in Poland and makes restraints out of cotton and other less severe and expensive materials than leather or canvas. If you purchase any gear from him, please mention that you got his website info from SeriousMaleBondage. He gave me the orange straitjacket in exchange for promoting his gear on this website, so any feedback you can give him about SeriousMaleBondage would help. Thank you! So, we strapped the orange straitjacket on Blake and he immediately got a boner, so I guess it was working for him. We strapped the gas mask on his face, and he was ready to get into the box. He curled up in the box which had a leather cushion on the bottom. SFDom was surprised that he fit so easily. It turns out that a lot of people fit in the box. It’s not so hard to curl up in a ball regardless of what size you are. Once Blake was comfortable, we told him goodbye and lowered the top of the box. The box has 12 latches that hold the top and bottom of the box together. As you can see, once the latches are secured and locked the box is completely inescapable. So long as Blake feels that his breathing is un-obstructed and he’s breathing fresh air, he’s less likely to panic. This is where a small fan to force outside air through the box would be a good addition. The box is sitting on top of a cart I built out of Unistrut. The original idea was to put someone in the box, then roll them into a local kinky coffee shop in San Francisco called Wicked Grounds. Unfortunately, we never got around to doing this, and now the box and cart are in Las Vegas where local authorities aren’t as tolerant of such activities. As I recall, we did get a chance to put an infrared GoPro camera in the box and shoot some video of someone locked inside, but I forgot which video that was. Anyway, we all enjoyed locking Blake in the box, including Blake. Afterwards, I had to disassemble the cart because it took up too much space in NoEscapeSlave’s Las Vegas garage. But, we should try the GoPro camera idea again in the future, once the covid-19 virus is under control and we can travel again. C’est la vie!

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:26
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4850kbps
Audio: 309kbps

File size: 621.7 MB