Bitten – Kali Kane

Video language: English

PD brings Kali to the floor and locks her into a pair of cuffs, a rope tight around her throat. Dragging her to a post, he lashes her ankles over her head then tromps, slaps, and canes her. As PD her with his crotch, Kali bites! So he ties her tighter, giving her a good dose of the cane while Mr. Pogo fucks her. PD bends Kali at the waist, head down and ass sticking out, perfect for a good flogging. All the rough treatment just makes her hotter. When she comes, it’s sweet. But PD’s still in the mood. He keeps her bound to the post and torments her with an after-sex cigarette.

Format: real
Duration: 39:02
Video: 852×488, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 210.7 MB