Betty: Lazy boss’s daughter gets punished

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan’s office is right next to Betty’s, so he can usually hear when she’s goofing off, and today, he has heard her gossiping on the phone with a girlfriend for the past hour. He’s used to her slacking off and getting away with it, just because she’s the boss’s daughter, but his temper finally got the best of him when he heard Betty saying she was going on myspace – on company time, when she’s supposed to be working. Not that it wasn’t nice to see her sexy legs stretched out on her desk, but he’s tired of her getting away with everything, and today he intends to do something about it. He comes up quietly behind her, looms over her shoulder, and interrupts her conversation. Betty rolls her eyes and tells her girlfriend she has to go, turning to deal with Ivan, who wants to know if those reports – which were due two hours ago, are ready yet. He knows, of course, they’re not – Betty has been gabbing on the phone all day. She swears she’ll have them done by the end of the day, but Ivan is no longer concerned about the reports – he’s more interested in the tape in his hands and putting it on Betty’s wrists behind her back. She protests, telling Ivan she’ll tell her dad, but it’s his word against hers, and Ivan has been a trusted employee much longer than the boss’s lazy, screw-up daughter. He’s not worried, and goes on to unbutton Betty’s blouse to prove it. The little slut isn’t even wearing a bra, which allows Ivan to see her cute little pierced nipples, which he just has to tweak. He XXXX her back into her chair and starts wrapping tape around her delicate ankles while he informs her Sarah will now be doing Betty’s job. Betty scoffs even as Ivan winds more tape around her knees – she says Sarah sucks, and she’s XXXX with her boss, to which Ivan replies that, yes, she sucks very well actually. This is just too much for Betty. She tries to hope away, but with her legs taped together, she loses her balance and falls to the floor. When the bitch starts to yell for help, Ivan is ready – he shoves a cloth into her mouth and adds a few layers of tape over it to quiet her down so he can tell her he’s going to send up Jim from accounting – the awkward, geeky guy who has had a crush on Betty since she first started here. He lifts her back into her chair and adds another layer of tape around her chest for good measure. Just before he goes to get Jim, he fondles those sexy legs in hot Cuban stockings, something he has wanted to do since she first started prancing around the office. When he walks away, Betty turns her chair around, rolls around the room a little, looking for something to help her get loose. She stands up, hops around, comes back, sits down again, flexes against the tape, and starts to whimper at her situation. Ivan comes back with somewhat comforting news,that Jim isn’t coming after all, but he follows it with worse news – Betty is coming home with Ivan. Before she can even protest, Ivan pulls her to her feet and throws her over his shoulder to carry her off..

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