Belt Whipped, Clamped, and Hogtied in White Lingerie – Part 5

This clip starts where Part 4 ended. PJ is tough and it takes a lot to get to her, but she is really struggling… drool and a few tears roll down her face and chin. Remember she brought this on herself, so don’t feel too sorry for her. I eventually give her a choice, I can leave the clamps on or I can remove them and whip her tits. I can’t really understand her while she’s wearing the huge ballgag, so I make the decision for her. I remove the clamps and use a leather strap to whip her tits and long perky nipples. You can tell by her reactions that she does not like this one bit! I remove her gag, so I can hear her reactions without it, before I free her from most of the ropes. I order her up against the post with her mouth open, which she does without hesitation… I’d say our little session today has paid off.

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Duration: 18:53
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