Batgirl vs. Blackwidow – Chapter 3

Having been unmasked in the last chapter, Barbara Gordon (Angela Sommers) finds herself tightly strapped to a slab in Black Widow’s (Christina Carter) lair. Black Widow explains to the helpless daredoll that she intends on taking care of her once and for all. She pushes a button on a remote and thick silvery liquid begins to drip on to Barbara’s stocking feet. Black Widow explains that the substance is Liqui-Chrome, a diabolical invention that will slowly coat her body and then harden, encasing Barbara in a metalic shell – turning her into a living statue. Or maybe "living" is the wrong term, because once the Liqui-Chrome is fully deposited, Barbara will not be alive for very much longer. Black Widow leaves Barbara to be slowly encased… can she survive?!!!

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