Ballet Sub Ella

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Yes, I finally got her!! The awesome Ella is here for 24 hours! Ever since I found out about her, I really wanted to get her into a Chastity Deal. Ella is a professional ballet dancer AND a 100% submissive girl. That sounds like the perfect combination… and it IS!! Super flexibility AND total acceptance of whatever situation she is put in.
Ella has been trained from a very young age to walk on her toes. She literally ALWAYS walks on her toes. I think that is very erotic somehow, her grace and posture are incredible. She is such a sweet girl too. Ella never doubted when I challenged her to spend 24 hours in a chastity belt (no breaks), a super heavy tall collar, and heavy wrist cuffs. I also requested that she would be on her toes as much as possible when walking or standing. Ella signed the contract without hesitating.

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Duration: 4:33
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