Bad Babysitter Makes Mouthwatering Mummy

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Adara is babysitting my , but she’s not doing a good job. She hates the little brats, and thinks that lacing their juice with Nyquil will make them sleep so she can catch a little nap herself. When she awakes, she finds herself bound with sticky vinyl tape, her mouth stuffed and one of my best neckites tied in place to keep her quiet. THAT doesn’t work! She struggles and thrashed in her bondage, threatening the and demanding to be released. When a roll of pallet wrap is tossed onto her lap, she can only imagine what’s in store next! She’s completely wrapped in plastic and tape, and most mouthwatering mummy. When I come home and see what the have done, I’m very apologetic. After all, the did such a poor job, they need to be taught a lesson: in how to PROPERLY mummify a younfg lady! Soon Adara is bound head to toe in tight black tape, her mouth stuffed and head completely wrapped in microfoam tape. She can barely move, moaning through her packed mouth. She’ll be staying tht way until the wake up the next morning!.

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Duration: 11:47
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