Austin’s Interview

Austin is hot straight boy who just turned 18 years old. He first had sex under a year ago and has only had sex with his girlfriend. Although his girlfriend has brought other women into bed with them, he wasn’t allowed to actually have sex with them.
Austin really likes eating women out, but does not like anal. He used to sneak into his girlfriend’s room at her parents’ house to have sex. He almost got caught one time and relates that story during this interview video.
Austin was active in sports in high school. He has been naked around guys a lot in locker rooms. He’s also been naked around a lot of other people. He doesn’t go to wild parties often, but, when he does, he usually gets and wakes up partially or completely naked.
Austin has wanted to do porn with women for a while. That’s not unusual for guys his age. What is unusual his his willingness to realize that that is hard work to find, and that it makes sense to do other types of videos.

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