Audree-Betty: Should have read the fine print

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Audree and Betty have come for an interview for a high-paying executive job, waiting for their potential employer to arrive. Ivan arrives with bag in hand and asks the ladies how they’re doing. After their hesitant answers he tells Audree to come here, and grabs first her then Betty by the hair, pushing Andree to her knees. He warns them that if they don’t behave for him, he’ll jerk their hair out, smash their faces into the floor, and do other horrible things to them. They indicate their understanding, and Ivan tells Audree to kneel there and not fucking move. He XXXX Betty’s hands behind her back and ties a rope from his bag around them tightly. He does the same to Audree while informing them they both got the job, they get to travel to exotic places like Pakistan and India, and that they may be tied up a lot, depending on who ends up owning them. Upon their shrieks of protest, he pulls out scarves made in those exotic places to gag them with. He pulls another rope out of his bag for Betty’s sexy legs, which he lifts over Audree’s head to tie. Audree starts to creep away on her knees while Ivan is occupied with Betty’s ankles, but Ivan grabs her and pulls her back against his leg, reminding her, “I told you not to move, did I not?” Ivan finishes the tie on Betty, making sure to put one loop around her pretty heels to keep them on, stretching them high above her head as he ties the knot. Another rope comes out for Audree, who Ivan tosses on her side to tie those hot long legs together. Now it’s time to check out the goods – Ivan lifts Betty’s top to fondle her gorgeous tits, hefting them and complimenting her on her “very nice goods!” He asks Audree if her goods are as nice, and starts to unbutton her blouse to find out. She whimpers and shakes her head, begging and protesting behind the gag, but when Ivan reveals her sexy breasts, he tells her she was selling herself short, they are every bit as nice as Betty’s. He flips her on her stomach and completes a hogtie while Audree wriggles on the floor. As Betty bitches behind the scarf, Ivan tells her not to be jealous, she’ll get the same treatment in a minute, and he dumps her out of her chair and onto the floor, throwing the chair out of the way. The end of the rope that hogtied Audree does the same job for Betty, so the two are linked while they struggle. When Ivan goes off to get things ready, Betty tries to undo the knot holding them together, and both moan and grunt as they fight the ropes. He separates them again, sits Betty up and makes sure she’ll be quiet on the trip by adding a handkerchief and black gaffer’s tape to hold it in place. Betty gets taken out to the van first, tossed over Ivan’s shoulder and struggling all the way. When he comes to tend to Audree, he offers her an option as he puts a black X over her handkerchief – stay here with him in the USA, be his little slave, or get shipped off to God-knows-where with no hope of ever getting free or seeing her family again. Audree is stricken by the choice, and can only stare at Ivan in disbelief. He tells her she doesn’t have to make the decision now, but by the time they get to the airport, she will have to decide – the devil she knows or one she doesn’t. She can think in the van, so Ivan throws her over his shoulder and takes her out too. Guess they should have read the fine print on the job description! Starring Betty Jaded and Audree.

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Duration: 12:44
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