Asiana Starr – Martin’s Live Show Birthday Special vol 2

Continuing Martin’s birthday celebration, I get wrecked in all my favorite ways. He pushes me up against the table and crushes my elbows, then puts me face down on the table, spreads my knees and ties one foot to my arms – it was a very awkward position but such a turn on. I love being hogtied on my side – it’s my favorite way to give myself to Martin. He then cuts the strap on my dress and tears the rest of it off my body. I’m so in love with what’s going on that every time he presses the wand against my pussy, I start to lose my mind. When he puts his hands all over me, it drives me even more wild. After working me up, Martin hits me with the cold shower – shocking me back into reality but as soon as he brings the wand back to my pussy, I’m slipping and sliding all over it. He takes it away before I cum, then flips me back onto my stomach to suffer for a little bit before he finally unwraps his slutty little package and works me until I blissfully explode. Feels more like my birthday than Martin’s…

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