Army Bullies Clipper Torment

Description: Master Dave strides into the public toilet in full military bully mode & wastes no time intimidating the frightened sub. ginger is going to have the pleasure of shaving Dave’s hair today.

Master Mo then decides to cut the sub’s hair with the clippers cutting off clumps of hair down to the scalp randomly, making ginger look like a dickhead. The brutal tops cough loads of gob over the bottom’s miserable face and attach what was ginger’s head hair to his face making comedy moustaches and eyebrows. Every one in the toilet laughs at him.

ginger might think that his ordeal is almost over until another lusty cottager enters the toilet. Ginger is allowed to wash the bits of his hair off…in a hot piss-stream from the new customer as Mo adds spit conditioner…

Format: wmv
Duration: 00:21:06

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